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Reputation Management

Last edit: Wednesday 14th November 2018 ?
This date is important. Online marketing and SEO are fast changing fields so always check what you are reading is recent (less than a year old) before taking action or you could damage your rankings!

Why do reputation management?

Reputations can be made and lost in an instant on the internet. A negative review, someone complaining in a forum, a ranting blog from an unhappy customer or a scam report are just one of many, many ways your visitors can be sent running from your website in their droves.

On the other hand you can also get one step ahead of the game by allowing your visitors or customers ways to post positive feedback about you on a variety of services.

Futhermore online reputation management covers how your website ranks for each given keyword. Are the right pages ranking when you search your brand name or another popular keyword or are the search engines bringing up "negative pages" such as your terms and conditions.

In other words there are two approaches when it comes to online reputation management:

  • Reactive - respond to comments others make about you after they happen.
  • Proactive - create systems, places and platforms for your visitors or customers to make positive comments and make sure the right pages show for the right searches.

The morality of reputation management

Online reputation management has a moral fine line. Many people (and websites) who have well deserved bad reputations do try to manage the bad feedback off the front page of search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Some are successful and continue to do the activities that continue to earn them bad reputations. Such is the world.

Personally I don't take on reputation recovery if I feel the party at the receiving end is truly guilty and just wants to cover their tracks but there are plently out there who will.

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