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Last edit: Sunday 13th January 2019 ?
This date is important. Online marketing and SEO are fast changing fields so always check what you are reading is recent (less than a year old) before taking action or you could damage your rankings!

I often find myself saying to clients 'You can either try and get the market to come to you or you can go to the market'.

SEO, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Affiliate Programes, Partner programes and Email marketing are all about getting the market to come to you but is it always worth the effort?

If, for example, you wanted to sell your car you would take some photos and put it on the best known portals in your country. You wouldn't make a website about your car and then try and find ways of getting people to visit your site.

Ironically some people invest heavily in websites without really thinking this principle through.

There are online platforms for all sorts of products (physical and virtual) and it is well worth investigating these either to work with your website ... or instead of it.

Here are just a few:

  • Amazon - a portal of 'everything' that rewards sellers with the best service, not the lowest price. You only pay if you sell.
  • Ebay - a small listing fee and a commission fee if you sell.
  • Facebook MarketPlace
  • Etsy - a portal for the more unusual, non mass produced products.
  • Not On The High Street - UK based private portal/shop for unusual products.
  • Hard to Find - Australian version of Not On The High Street.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. To find the right online market places for you is a case of tracking down where your competitors are. A farmer goes to a fruit and veg market, not one where everyone is selling antiques!

I'm Tim Hill (aka Doodled), a Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing specialist. I created this site to help our clients at link2light understand the approach we take to clean online marketing ... but you're welcome to rummage around too!